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Conditions for use of my sets:

These sets are for you to use freely. Please place a text or image link back here , so that others may also find these sets, and since they are my creation give me credit for them.Please do not seperate the sets, copy or change them, nor use them in webring fragments. Where there are animations on a set, these are only to be used with that set, and not to be used by itself without a link. The little star animation was I found out being used by someone on it's own, without the set. If this continues to happen then I will have to digitally mark all sets, and no longer provide animations with the sets. Some sets have been marked, and can be traced.


Silver frame angel Set

Dream Set

Singing Angels Set

Angel Rose Set

Purple Gem Angel Set

Choir Angel Set

Rose angel Set

Cherub Set

Angels and Roses Set

Golden Angel Set 1

Sky Set

Two Angels Set

Gold Angel Set

Yellow Angel Set

Angel and Baby Set

Oval Frame Angel Set

Pillars Set

Mail Angel Set

Daisy Angel Set

Angels for You Set

Angel Pearl Set

White Star Set

Little Star Set

Cosmic Set

Double and Triple borders

Summer dream

Pony and Angels

Brides Angel

Victorian Angel

Moon Dreams


Lavender Angel Set

Wolf Angel Set

Angel Poetry hearts

New Angels Sets

Most of these sets are marked and can be traced. Please provide a link back here if using the sets.

Angel Backgrounds


 The graphics on this page are not for personal use , but for my site only



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