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Exclusive themes created by angells. Conditions for download and use. For use on personal computer only. The read me text must stay with the theme. You may not put it on any site for downloading. Do not seperate the theme, or copy any of the images, cursors, or icons. To download and install the themes, right click and save as. Then just unzip the files into your temporary directory,usually c:\windows\temp, winzip will then install the theme to your theme program. To use the theme click on desktop go to options and select other for theme and select the one you want to use.. You will need an unzipping program such as winzip to unzip the files. Click on theme picture to download.


desktop architect

If you need a theme installer ,and program to manage themes, this free program is excellent. I use it for my default rather than plus. It is much easier to manage and it has a stretch wallpaper option.


Screensavers for the themes included with the themes.


Wings Theme

Cherub Dreams Theme

Angels Among Us Theme

Autumn Angel Theme

Sweet Child Theme

In The Arms Of the Angel Theme

 Bed Of Roses Theme

Sailing (dedicated to TWC


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Screensavers seperate from themes also for download

Wall Paper

Just want wallpaper these are different from the themes.



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