I never met an angel I didn't like



Angels are all around us, we will know them with our hearts.


To love angels is to love what is good in us all.


Kiss an angel goodmorning,

And love her all the day!

Made in PSP Angelthrone

Picture of the month



Angels are our friends, when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly



Even in your darkest day,

Guardian angel is not far away

Close by your side

She will stay

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I know when I first started doing my page, I had to surf all over the web to find what I was looking for. That is why I wanted to put a variety of angel pictures here for those who are looking for just the right angel. All the links on this site will take you to pages with graphics for you to use. You will find angel pictures here that as far as I know are free to download and use, and that they are public domain. If any are not and you know who they belong to, please email me. I have redone this site, and now you can click on the links below. You will also find links to other places on my site where you can find more angels. Once a month I will place a new angel picture of mine(the angel of the month). If you have any angels you would like to add to the directory, just email me and let me know. If they are yours and you retain the copyright please make sure the name is on the image. Graphics that are specially made for my site, are not for public use. There are enough free graphics here. I have come across some sites, which have taken the graphics that are on this page and belong here and put them on their own site. I mostly gathered these from the net, and some are pictures I scanned. Some I painted using tubes, and paint. The above certified image was created by me, and is for this site. You may take the other animations for your use.




Animation by angells

Free to take for your use with a link back


I had to remove the angels from the directory due to the server cutting back space. I will be putting the directory of angels back up on another site, time permitting. Check back for updates soon .

If you use any of my angels please place a link back to this site whereever you have used them.


Sleeping Angel
Rose Angel
Angel Garden
Blue Angel
Pearl Angels
Gold Angels 
Twin garden Angels
Harp Angel 
Autumn Angel 
Child Angels
Song Angel
Two Angels


Angels on fence designed by Angells

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These are all new that I have done or modified in Paint shop pro.

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Bible Angels

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This cute little angel is thinking mm... which one do I want.

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